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LBH Ship Service

We have differentiated ourselves through the last decades by doing it our own way which has resulted in more than 90 own offices spread over 29 countries and an excellent reputation.

A truly worldwide Shipping Agency with a unique network of suppliers and service providers designed around the needs of our customers.

We can honestly say that we are your reliable partner for any kind of Ship Service.

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Port calls per annum

Our services

Crew change

Welcome new crew & goodbye to our old crew.

Bunker call

Bunker call? You can depend on us!

Cash to Master

Cash to master: safe transportation to your vessel.

Hold cleaning

Shiny & clean cargo hold in an instant.

Strait passage and transits

Safe and fast passage through channels and straits.


Visitors: Welcome on-board.

Underwater inspection and cleaning

Underwater inspections and cleaning.

Deliveries to vessel

Deliveries to your vessel: easy & fast

Medical assistance

Medical assistance in a heartbeat.

Dry docking

Efficient dry docking = a time & money saver!


Get the right marine certifications when you need them.