About LBH

The LBH Group was founded in April 1984 by Dutch brothers Jan and Bert Lagendijk in their home port of Rotterdam. The company evolved the tagline ‘Growing with you Globally’ and over the last 30 years has expanded into more than 20 countries and opened over 90 of our own offices.

We have differentiated ourselves, by having built the internal commodity and supply chain knowledge, expertise and relationships that enable us to add value to our clients by expediting vessel and cargoturn around, providing superior local market intelligence enabling clients to make informed pro-active decisions based on information their competitors may not have available to them.

By using our commodity and domain knowledge together with our local and international expertise we assist our clients, execute the movement of their commodities and help them to manage and mitigate their operational, financial, and compliance exposure and risk globally.

Other activities and services

Though our core business is Port Agency, we do perform other activities and services that support the specific commodities and their supply chains in different locations, these activities are done on the basis that they add value to the core business and do not create any conflicts of interest.

In 2013 as Agents we handled more than 800 million mt of bulk cargoes, including over 550 million mt of Iron Ore, more than 150 million mt of Coal, over than 50 million mt of bulk liquids, more than 10 million mt of Grains and over 35 million mt of other dry bulk cargoes.

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