Cash to Master

Cash to master: safe transportation to your vessel.

Everyone needs money. On a ship it is a challenge to get green bills. There are – of course – no banks or ATM-machines. But don’t worry, thanks to LBH empty pockets are a rarity. With our Cash to Master service there is always enough money available.

Ships are self-sufficient, so cash is needed to pay salaries, new parts and supplies. We are asked by shipping companies to bring a certain amount of money on board. The money often ends up in the Captain’s cash register. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, we work together with certified security companies.

The average cost for Cash to Master depends on the amount, the exchange rate, the location and the conditions.

Let us handle the Cash to Master. There are many simple ways to save money. Let us know what amount you need and the location and we will send you a competitive quote.

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