Crew change

Welcome new crew & goodbye to our old crew.

We say goodbye to the offsigners and we welcome the onsigners. We know that good crew matters, so we are here for you to ensure a good and smooth…

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Bunker call

Bunker call? You can depend on us!

Bunkering without a hiccup: that’s our goal. We go the extra mile to save time during bunkering. Together we optimize your bunker call.  When it comes to bunkering, it’s all…

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Cash to Master

Cash to master: safe transportation to your vessel.

Everyone needs money. On a ship it is a challenge to get green bills. There are – of course – no banks or ATM-machines. But don’t worry, thanks to…

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Hold cleaning

Shiny & clean cargo hold in an instant.

Need a few (or a lot of) helping hands to clean the hold of your ship? And is time of the essence? We know the cleaning companies who are…

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Strait passage and transits

Safe and fast passage through channels and straits.

What do the Bosporus Straits, Suez Canal and other straits and channels have in common? We can quickly guide your ship through! It sounds easy to get a vessel through…

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Visitors: Welcome on-board.

Every ship receives visitors: from suppliers to technicians. Receive visitors with open arms and guarantee an easy and smooth onboarding. There are guidelines for ship visits. Before onboarding a visitor…

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Underwater inspection and cleaning

Underwater inspections and cleaning.

Preferable the job is being performed during loading or discharging to save time and money. At LBH we specialize in coordinating ship hull and propellor cleaning. We work with the…

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Deliveries to vessel

Deliveries to your vessel: easy & fast

From an envelope to a heavy ship part: we ensure that you get it on board. We do not shy away from a challenge. On board deliveries get more complex,…

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Medical assistance

Medical assistance in a heartbeat.

LBH provides medical services when someone on board needs a pharmacist, dentist, doctor or physiotherapist. Let us arrange the appointment and transport of your crew member, so he can…

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Dry docking

Efficient dry docking = a time & money saver!

Let us coordinate the entire operation and save time and money. At LBH we make sure the work is well planned. We manage the various teams and ensure that everyone…

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Get the right marine certifications when you need them.

Safety first! And when it comes to safety, environment and well-being, there is always a certificate for it. Thanks to our global network we can assure that your vessel…

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Other requirements not listed

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